JVBB Hyderabad- 04.01.2015- A day that will be cherished forever

JVBB- A group that has brought a lot of changes in me, the way I look at things.

For a girl who has been away from her home (state) for almost 3 years now, this group has given so many people whose house has been a second home to me. In fact, when I was posted in a new city (Hyderabad) I could handle all the emotions well with the hope of JVites staying there. JVites in Delhi still remain a part of my most cherished moments in the city during my Masters.

Having said all that, it was time to bring the Hyderabad JVites together under one roof and make them feel the love, joy and positivity that JVBB gives. It all started last Sunday (28.12.2014) with Kumar helping me with the list of JVites staying here. The entire day I spent to contact them through all means like FB, Whatsapp, Calls/SMS to understand the level of reach and excitement in Hyderabad. With a good enough positive response, I proceeded to decide the date and place which would be accessible and comfortable to everyone in terms of age and culinary. That’s how ‘The Village-Soul of India’ was decided. It was followed by visits to the restaurant after office to check the satisfaction levels it would bring to everyone.

Initially I faced challenges in making people accept that it would bring fun for all age groups irrespective of our batch ( that’s why we call ourselves as Beyond Batches). The one awesome thing we have here is- For any problem, there is a help/guidance that is immediately provided. I received help from Lakshmi Kalyani (LK-1992) in helping me call a few from 80s batch as they found me very junior (2007) to them and could not connect with me. The next idea was to have a cake with the school logo on it. Again help was immediately available with LK bringing in a lot of ideas. The highlighting part was the spirit that was present in everyone and respecting the efforts put by some junior whom they had never met.

With all things in place, the D-day arrived (04.01.2015). There were so many things I admired during the meet:

  1. Punctuality- No one had a casual attitude about the meet, despite the fact that it was a completely informal meet.
  2. School memories- Most of them carried some article (Class group photo/badge/Jawaharite). It made me feel that the child in someone never dies. It all reflected when Geetha and Sridhar were eagerly looking into the Jawaharite to find their names in itJ
  3. House patriotism- I guess this war will never die. Ravi (’85) introduced himself as Ravindranath from Tagore house, Sridhar as Vice Captain of Nehru.

The chat and photo sessions were followed by ‘Dandiya’- Kumar we missed you a lot during the dance.  Overall, it was ‘A Trip Down the Memory Lane’

Last But Not the Least, the Happiest moment for me was when Anusha (Daughter of Vijji and Sridhar) came and asked “Akka when are we having the next meet?” J  – A question that assured that the meet was enjoyed by everyone.

P.S: Kumar, I request you to hold such meets across the globe and spread love, happiness and optimism everywhere.

3 thoughts on “JVBB Hyderabad- 04.01.2015- A day that will be cherished forever

  1. m.v.bhaskar says:

    Great effort. Putting it on record so that it will be etched in memory forever is an even greater effort. The greatest of them all is your fluidity in articulating those memories. Way to go, gal!!!

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