I have discussed so much about the physical changes that had happened in my body so far. Today I wanted to share the mental health changes that had happened in me.
On one hand my huge figure seemed to be a big botheration to me- no clothes to fit into, body’s posture had changed so much all of a sudden, I was walking in a totally weird way trying to balance my weight while dealing with a rotated pelvis. I felt totally ugly of myself and hated clicking pictures.

On the other hand, there was this lack of coordination between my body and mind. An usually active person, I could now just sit at one place and stare at something not knowing what was happening around me. No joke could make me laugh. My mind would say “get up and finish that work”, but my body couldn’t cooperate. I would think a 100 times about just getting up from the couch. I used to wonder why people glorified so much about becoming a mother. I definitely did not enjoy it then. You may judge me for this, but it wasn’t a toddler who talks to me, hugs me and kisses me to know that I am being loved by her. It was an infant who would just cry for a feed or diaper change and go back to sleep or play in her own world. Now I do not know if it was postpartum depression or my hypothyroidism. I was sad. That’s all I was aware of.

While I am happy that discussing about mental health is no longer a stigma, there is also a thought that mentally unwell immediately means depression/PTSD/anxiety. NO, IT IS NOT. You are PHYSICALLY unwell regardless of whether you have a flu or a cancer. It is the same way. If someone is not feeling mentally okay, it just means that they are not able to be happy, not motivated like their usual self and just want to lay low. Not everyone needs an anti-depressant. Many a times they can be made to feel better by support, talking, counseling, exercise etc. So here are few things that worked from my personal experience: (These are aside from medical help like hormone medications)

📌PLANNERS: I am a sucker for planning. So planning my day IN WRITING helped me perform my tasks even though I wasn’t motivated to. This included even simple day to day tasks like cooking as even finishing that was an accomplishment to me. I used the PANDA PLANNER for a while and really liked it. I have heard good reviews about the HAPPY PLANNER too. Anything that works for you!

📌EXPRESS GRATITUDE: I am a big fan of Oprah Winfrey (If there is one person I would like to meet in my life ever, it would be her!) I love her idea of writing down ‘ 5 things to be grateful for in a day’. It helps you find your happiness in the little things at the end of each day and that gives you a feeling of contentment.🧘

📌SUNSHINE: Vitamin D plays a huge role. Studies show that Vitamin D deficiency is linked to depression. I had low levels of Vit D too. My chiro told me that it is one vitamin that is as important as a hormone. So new mommas get your strollers out and make the best use of sunshine when it lasts. ☀️

📌SLEEP: I know it is tough to get with a newborn. I struggled with this until Dhanya was around 18 months. White noise has helped improve her sleep quality so much and I am also getting much better rest.🛌

📌EXERCISE: I need not mention about this. A good 30 minute workout/walk/run can help you release endorphins which play a vital role in keeping you mentally healthy.🏋🏻‍♀️

📌HOBBY: This can be anything you like. Listening to a book, singing, watching a movie- whatever can help you come out of your stress and relax!

I hope I could share some useful information today. If you would ever like to talk to me regarding your mental health, do not hesitate and reach out to me whenever you feel like!

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