Hello all.. Back with another post. This is not a workout related post, but a change I did very recently. I CUPVERTED.  Yeahhh… After contemplating for almost more than a year, I finally took the step (at a totally unexpected moment).

What to expect from this post?

I am a total newbie in this world of cups. As new that I have used it only for 2 cycles. But, why did I jump into the wagon to write a post? Because I wanted a novice to give the confidence to those who are still on the fence or dreading to make the change. I cupverted because my cousin gave me the confidence after her 2nd cycle itself and it pushed me to try. I knew her and she was a newbie and that gave me the confidence. As I already said I am a newbie and hoping that you all know me a little bit, I decided to post this on BBB. I plan to talk about my profile, the cup I used, the insertion, pull out and my experience so far.

What I do not know?

I definitely cannot answer which cup is the best as I do not even know the ones existing in the market. Also, I cannot give expert comments on which cup would suit your needs, what to do if you had a C-section however can guide you to the resources I have.

Why did I cupvert and why is it better?

Main reason was rashes. Also the rubbing of the napkin with thighs that caused bruises and by my third day I would struggle to use. There was only one brand in US which suited me and when I came to India for vacation and ran out of it, I struggled. That is when all of a sudden, my cousin helped me switch to cups. Now I am relieved to say that I can travel easily (less baggage) and also save more money as a cup can be used for 10 years.
With a cup, whether you jump or run you do not have discharge coming out on the pad, making you feel uncomfortable. So it is easier to workout or do any activity as everything goes into the cup directly. And NO, you do not feel any discomfort to pee or poop.

Which cup I use and why? 


My StoneSoup Cup

I use the Stone Soup (SS) menstrual cup (Teal Blue). Why? To put it in simple terms, both my cousins were using this and I bought this based on their recommendation. Also, it did not have any need of size selection or stem which was something that scared me (I didn’t know it can be cut, its ok, IGNORANCE).…/…/ref=pd_bxgy_2/259-5639840-3107541…

My profile? I am a mother of a 2-year-old and had a vaginal delivery.

If you have a different profile, say yet to become a mother/teenager/athlete etc, there are different varieties in the cups for the profile depending on the flow. Please head over to Stonesoup website and go through the information blogs and videos they have to get an idea.

The First cycle and Insertion dreading:

I know this is where most of you drop the idea of using a cup. FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN. Let me be very honest with you, this is NO ROCKET SCIENCE. Choose a cycle that falls on a weekend so that you can try and test your new cup. Do try the cup only after your period has started as there would be more lubrication and also the vaginal muscles are more relaxed then.

Place the cup in boiling water for 5 mins before every cycle usage. Place your left leg on the toilet seat. Take a deep breath, relax yourself (very important). Fold the cup in a PUNCH DOWN FOLD (link below and it is the easiest way as the cup folds into its thinnest form), hold your labia using left hand to open and just insert. It will slide in quite easily and form a suction. Just touch the bottom of the cup to see if it is a complete round. This ensures that the cup has opened completely. If not, just gently pull it out and try inserting (It only sounds complicated, trust me it is easy). In case you feel anything odd like cup hasn’t opened, just try doing forward bends 2-3 times and it should open up with a pop sound. First 30 mins were quite weird, but since I was home, I had nothing to worry. You may use a napkin too until you are confident that the cup is not leaking. I did not have any leakage.


Removal: SS cups have a capacity of 23 ml and are very high in capacity. If you were feeling that you are a heavy bleeder with pads, you will be surprised to see how little you actually bleed when you use a cup. It is enough to change once in 12 hours, so you would be changing for a maximum of 2 times in a day. So even if you go to work, mostly you wouldn’t need to change in office.
To remove, come to a complete squat. Using your right hand, feel the cup, get a hold and just pinch it to release suction. Then slowly pull it out. The first cycle you might spill, that is okay just wash it away with water, no big deal. Empty the cup into the toilet, rinse the cup using a mild soap/wash. That’s it. It is ready to be used again. Once your cycle is over, just wash the cup well and air dry it completely. Then pack it in the cloth bag that comes with it.

There are a variety of folds and ways to insert and remove. I am just sharing what has worked for me and the ones that are considered the easiest ways. Feel Free to Explore Hope it was helpful at least a bit.

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